How I gained 100k Followers on Tiktok

Camila Paleno

May 3, 2022

Since January of 2021, I've gained over 130,000 followers on Tiktok. I post about travel destination and budgeting tips, and rarely show my face on camera. Although I do have a somewhat specific niche, I feel that my advice can work for absolutely anyone who wants to gain a following on Tiktok specifically. 


Firstly, and by far, most importantly, figure out content that you can post ALL. THE. TIME. I mean, at least one to three times a day. Tiktok by far favors creators who are consistently posting content, and I believe they value quantity over quality by far. Of course, some level of quality needs to be there, so it's important to figure out what you'd realistically be able to post frequently that still has some value.


Secondly, keep your videos short! Tiktok users (including myself) have the attention span of about 3 seconds, no joke. Most of my videos are under 30 seconds, with something interesting or eye catching within the first couple seconds. 


Third: Keep it clean. Tiktok has a reputation of shadow-banning creators for unknown and mysterious reasons. Your best bet is to keep all of your content free of anything that could be interpreted as dangerous or promiscuous. 


Fourth: Don't be afraid of posting similar content over and over again. Tiktok DOES NOT like plain reposts, but your content can be pretty repetitive. Since your followers will likely not see all of your posts, you don't have to worry about annoying them. They will only be seeing your posts that do particularly well. So post away. 


Fifth: Pay attention to what others in your niche are doing. A personal example: I always use the same “sounds” that I frequently see matched up with similar content I make. This ensures that the correct audience is seeing my videos.


I'll continue adding to this list as I learn more. My tiktok is @pc.mila for a reference. 


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